Work Experience

Since Fall 2013 Psychotherapist in Private Practice for Psychotherapy
Dates (from – to) April 2013 – December 2014
Name and address of employer MVZ Sendlinger Tor, Platz 7, 80336 Munich
Occupation or position held Psychotherapist in multiprofessional team
Main activities and responsibilities Psychotherapy and counselling
Dates (from – to) November 2005 – March 2013
Name and address of employer Friedrich-Schiller-University Clinic, Institute for Psychosocial Medicine und Psychotherapy, Stoystr. 3, 07743 Jena, Germany
Occupation or position held Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, research coordinator, academic lecturer
Main activities and responsibilities
  • Psychological counseling and continued support of coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction patients to alleviate their general treatment anxiety, depression and anxiety pre/post coronary bypass surgery and intracardiac catheter examination. Outpatient therapy following hospital discharge.
  • Psychological diagnostic and discrimination of patients suffering from possible cardiac neurosis. Consulting and discussion of results with medical personnel. Outpatient therapy of somatoform cardiac disorders following hospital discharge.
  • Psychological counseling and continued support of patients suffering from bruxism, Craniomandibular Disorders“ (CMD) and dental anxiety on site and outpatient at the Friedrich-Schiller-University-Dental Clinic.
  • Coordinator and manager of a multi-site therapy comparison study on treatment for social phobia in Jena; Recruitment, screening and selection of prospective patients; initial interviews and diagnostic screening of patients pre/post and during study; Organisation, administration and preparation of all materials and technical devices. Recruitment and instruction of study psychotherapists; Organization and leader of supervision team meetings; Representative of the Jena Research Group at regular conferences and of multi-site group meetings; Treatment psychotherapist according to manual description; Collaboration with other treatment centers and continued teamwork on a regular basis.
  • Academic lecturer for pre-medical students at the Friedrich-Schiller-University, teaching psychosomatic seminars on patient interview technique, organization, presentation and interview of patients in class for teaching purposes, teaching practical seminars on patient case studies, teaching the class ‘medical psychology’ and also classes on communication skills and interaction with ‘mock’ patients suffering a variety of diagnoses in interactive role-play sessions, compact course ‘psychooncology’.
Dates (from – to) 2007 – 2009
Name and address of employer Occlutech GmbH, Wildenbruchstr, 15, 07745 Jena
Occupation or position held Part-time job as medical and scientific translator and interpreter (English-German) for company developing and manufacturing occlusion systems for the treatment of coronary heart disease.
Main activities and responsibilities Translation of medical texts from German into English, presentation manuals, speaker for verbal video product presentation, translation of company website, weekly on site interpretation between U.S. subcontractors and company CEO during telephone conferences. On site spontaneous translation of medical terms and definitions between subcontractor and CEO.
Dates (from – to) 2004-2005
Name and address of employer Catholic Hospital, Erfurt, Germany
Occupation or position held Psychiatric training
Main activities and responsibilities Intensive psychiatric training in the treatment of diverse psychiatric disorders. Initial interviews with patients and their families, regular diagnostic procedures and evaluation of results, ongoing weekly therapy for patients on a one-to-one basis, leader of weekly group therapy, written patient reports and summaries on therapy progress, regular communication with health care providers, daily collaboration with all health care specialists on site and with medical personnel. Verbal daily patient reports to director and CEO of psychiatry, also during patient visits.

Education and training

Dates (from – to) 2013 – today
Name and type of organisation Academy for Psychotherapy, Bad Grönenbach
Principal subjects/occupationalskills covered Theory and practice of psychodynamic psychotherapy for children and young adults
Title of qualification awarded Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist
Dates (from – to) 2006 – 2008
Name and type of organisation Academy for Psychotherapy, Erfurt
Principal subjects/occupationalskills covered Theory and practice of group psychodynamic psychotherapy
Title of qualification awarded Group Therapist
Dates (from – to) 1995 – 2003
Name and type of organisation Friedrich-Schiller-University, Jena, Germany
Principal subjects/occupationalskills covered Clinical psychology, industrial and occupational psychology, social psychology
Title of qualification awarded Diploma Psychology (B.A., M.A. equivalent)
Dates (from – to) 1989 – 1991
Name and type of organisation Vocational Training School, Taunusstein-Hahn, Germany
Principal subjects Administrative skills, translation, typing, stenography, English, German, Spanish
Title of qualification awarded Foreign language correspondent
Dates (from – to) 1985 – 1986
Name and type of organisation University of Evansville, Grantham, England
Principal subjects General studies

Social skills and competences

Growing up in several cultural environments (USA, France and Germany) has rendered me flexibility of mind and ease in accommodating to new situations, languages and insights. I find communication, especially on an international level, exciting and teamwork essential in opening new doors for research and for understanding new perspectives.

Representative Publications

De Liz, Th., Strauß, B.: Beratung und Psychotherapie (2014): In. H. Kentenich, E. Brähler, I. Kowalcek, B. Strauß, P. Thorn, A.J. Weblus, T. Wischmann, Y. Stöbel-Richter (Hg): Leitlinie psychosomatische orientierte Diagnostik und Therapie bei Fertilitätsstörungen. Gießen (Psychosozial Verlag.) S. 89 -100.

The Social Phobia Psychotherapy Research Network
. The first multicenter randomized controlled trial of psychotherapy for social phobia: Rationale, methods and patient characteristics
. F. Leichsenringa, J. Hoyerb, M. Beutelc, S. Herpertzd, W. Hillerc, E. Irlee, P.Joraschkyb, H.H. Königf, T.M. De Lizg et. al.
 Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, 2009;78:35-41

DeLiz Th., Strauß, B.: Differential efficacy of group and individual psychotherapy with infertile patients. Human Reproduction, 20, 2005, 1324-1332.